Pre-order a Wasp Summer download or CD

29 Nov

In August 2011, in Italy and Switzerland, I made my debut solo record with producer Henry Hugo and some fantastic musicians from all over the world. This record was one of my two goals when moving to Berlin in 2009.

I’m really proud of the songs, collated from ten years of writing, and the performances. Having refined my initial demos in Melbourne with Jon Shannon, I then busked for a year in Berlin’s U-Bahn, gigged a lot and took the songs on tour. I sang each track with the aim of giving myself goosebumps. I hope you’ll hear them in the record which will be called ‘Close as a Slow Dance’.

This album sets me up as a full-time musician. It is my calling card, my door-opener, my booking agent, my aeroplane, my big break… and a showcase of my songwriting to date.

I need to raise money to mix, master and manufacture the record on CD. It’s going to cost €3000 (AUD $3960/US $4090). So, I’m asking friends, fans and kind supporters to pre-order the record as a digital download and/or a spunky digipack CD through my Indie Go-Go campaign.

If you will kindly support the album by pre-ordering the digital download or CD in one of my incentive packages, your donation will help me book concerts, sell enough records on the road to get to the next town, get reviews, get radio airplay and live my vocation as a working songwriter and musician.

To look at the incentives and see my video plea made by Ken Burke, check out my campaign below. The video was made during the photoshoot for the album artwork in Berlin’s Rehberge park.

You can also help by sharing my campaign via email or facebook or twitter with people you think might enjoy an old-fashioned album of Alt.Country Folk heartbreak and love.

Artwork by Jan Bechberger, Elizabeth Delfs and Damian Stephens.

Much love,
Wasp Summer

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