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A Different Order, A Surprise

7 Dec

I was in a bar, CCCP, in Mitte. It used to be around the corner on Torstraße and I remember it as the smokiest bar in the world. Once I tried to find a friend in there and came out alone, unable to see and wearing an astrakhan coat of smoke. Now, they’ve jazzed it up. It’s a cocktail bar. If you were Putin’s security guards, you’d take your three nubile girlfriends here. Pictures of gangsters, like boxers, only with guns. A ponytailed DJ geeking on men’s voices, men’s stories.

I ask for a Lemon, Lime and Bitters. I have to explain it. Melisa says getting one in Berlin is just as bad as trying to get a Mocha Coffee. I explain it to the dezent barman, a dash or two of bitters on the ice, pour over lime cordial, or lime juice, and top with lemonade. No booze, no worries.

He comes back with a wonderful concoction all pink and orange, richly sweet/sour and medicinal with a veritable palm crown of mint garnish. It’s delicious. No-one wants any because it’s non-alcoholic. When we go to the smoking room, we’re told there’s no tab and we have to pay. I get out my 3€. He asks me for 8€. 8€? For a non-alcoholic drink? It’s got bitters and Jägermeister. Wasn’t it meant to be alcoholic? Not normally, but it was so, so tasty. Suddenly everyone wants a sip. He cuts me a deal. 5€. Decent.

I ask him for the recipe.

CCCP Lemon, Lime and Bitters
Muddle lime quarters in a tall glass. Add lime juice and sugar syrup. Add a few dashes of Angostura Bitters and Jägermeister. Top with lemonade. Add mint garnish.

The Stylist Speaks

28 Nov

In the mud and the dirt

Blog about the photoshoot for the forthcoming Wasp Summer debut album by designer/stylist Elizabeth Delfs: http://bit.ly/w4snNo