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Tour Booking – Grrrr

7 Mar

Ah, tour booking! Tedium. Begging. A necessary evil. It’s what most self-managed musicians bitch about the most.

So, one of the dates on the Water Music/Wasp Summer Summer Tour (summer summer? noo….) has been moved. Now I have to re-contact venues in two countries and shift the other dates I’m asking for. It also puts out the band we’re playing with as I’m booking them shows in Germany and they have to get the time off to play.

On the bright side, I still have the gig. That’s awesome. It’s going to be fun, and it gives me an extra week’s leeway in booking. More time to pick up the phone and send identical emails (making sure I change the venue name each time…). Now I need to find gigs for the suddenly empty week. where shall we go? Finland?