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A Different Order, A Surprise

7 Dec

I was in a bar, CCCP, in Mitte. It used to be around the corner on Torstraße and I remember it as the smokiest bar in the world. Once I tried to find a friend in there and came out alone, unable to see and wearing an astrakhan coat of smoke. Now, they’ve jazzed it up. It’s a cocktail bar. If you were Putin’s security guards, you’d take your three nubile girlfriends here. Pictures of gangsters, like boxers, only with guns. A ponytailed DJ geeking on men’s voices, men’s stories.

I ask for a Lemon, Lime and Bitters. I have to explain it. Melisa says getting one in Berlin is just as bad as trying to get a Mocha Coffee. I explain it to the dezent barman, a dash or two of bitters on the ice, pour over lime cordial, or lime juice, and top with lemonade. No booze, no worries.

He comes back with a wonderful concoction all pink and orange, richly sweet/sour and medicinal with a veritable palm crown of mint garnish. It’s delicious. No-one wants any because it’s non-alcoholic. When we go to the smoking room, we’re told there’s no tab and we have to pay. I get out my 3€. He asks me for 8€. 8€? For a non-alcoholic drink? It’s got bitters and Jägermeister. Wasn’t it meant to be alcoholic? Not normally, but it was so, so tasty. Suddenly everyone wants a sip. He cuts me a deal. 5€. Decent.

I ask him for the recipe.

CCCP Lemon, Lime and Bitters
Muddle lime quarters in a tall glass. Add lime juice and sugar syrup. Add a few dashes of Angostura Bitters and Jägermeister. Top with lemonade. Add mint garnish.