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Fantasy Mashups #1

9 Mar

This is the first in an ongoing series that tells you what it’s like to be inside my head musically.

I KNOW mashups are supposedly “dead” and dreadfully unhipster, but that musical playfulness behind good mashups is exactly how my mental jukebox operates. There are some songs I just can’t hear without some other specific song piloting a black rubber dinghy up beside, leaping aboard and hijacking the chorus or whatever – forever.

So, in the spirit of airing out my brain, Fantasy Mashup #1 is:

Sonic Youth’s Incinerate vs Fleet Foxes’ White Winter Hymnal

You’d have to slow the Sonic Youth track down about 7%. If anyone wants the exact pattern of the mashup as it plays in my mental jukebox, just leave a comment. I’m happy to elaborate.