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Fantasy Mashup – Gosia Winter vs. Elyas Khan

2 Sep

I’ve been listening to Elyas Khan’s new single Bells A LOT lately. When I replay it in my mental radio, I always hear it merge into the playground chanting section from Gosia Winter’s ‘Silver Lining’ off her excellent Lullabies album.

It’s nice to have two different Berlin circles mashing in my head.


Fantasy Mashup – Ainslie Wills vs Alison Moyet

26 Aug

After a weekend sharing various sped up, slowed down and mashed up tracks with friends, I’ve decided to revive my fantasy mashup idea and post some of the mashups that happen on my mental radio.

These two songs always go together in my head at the point in the long bridge where Ainslie Wills sings “ooh my my my-y. If you are the fighting kiiiiiiiiind” and I hear the keyboard line from the end of Alison Moyet’s Love Resurrection into the final chorus.

Fantasy Mashups #1

9 Mar

This is the first in an ongoing series that tells you what it’s like to be inside my head musically.

I KNOW mashups are supposedly “dead” and dreadfully unhipster, but that musical playfulness behind good mashups is exactly how my mental jukebox operates. There are some songs I just can’t hear without some other specific song piloting a black rubber dinghy up beside, leaping aboard and hijacking the chorus or whatever – forever.

So, in the spirit of airing out my brain, Fantasy Mashup #1 is:

Sonic Youth’s Incinerate vs Fleet Foxes’ White Winter Hymnal

You’d have to slow the Sonic Youth track down about 7%. If anyone wants the exact pattern of the mashup as it plays in my mental jukebox, just leave a comment. I’m happy to elaborate.