Puppies, nerves and womb-like rooms: Day 1

27 May

I write to you from Leipzig. Last night was the first show of the tour, in Berlin at Joe’s Bar. Matty Water Music and I only met on Tuesday, and had not seen each other play before.

Matty pulled out a darkly funny and moving set. I was beset by nerves, but had a lot of fun with my voice, messing with the phrasing and the song structures. I got to introduce Matty to some good friends/great musicians, and met some lovely new folk including a girl who lives in an abandoned train station in Oslo, which may result in an extra show there! I hope that happens!

Joe’s has a cozy red proscenium stage and space-age seating. It’s beautiful to sing there without amplification but my condenser mic allowed me an intimacy – something that’s taken me forever to learn – that suits these songs.

Tonight we play at Des Geigers Rätsel, a womb-like music/gallery project run by some very laid-back folk. It’s a beautiful room. The edge of the wooden stage is cut in the silhouette of a violin – the Geiger of the name – and Dali’s familiar head floats above the piano.

I’m already enjoying this tour. Alexi Sayle sang “I’ve got a brain like a jukebox.” Matty and I both have musical tourettes and a love of terrible Dad puns. We’re doing all the German travel by Mitfahrgelegenheit – a wonderful rideshare system for car and train travel that I’m pretty sure would not work in Australia.

As we arrived, we were surrounded by gorgeous, black nine-week-old puppies and spent a happy few hours in the courtyard drinking beer, playing with puppies and chatting with the locals.

I’ll update you on how the gig was. Gotta go soundcheck. Dresden tomorrow!

Wasp Love x

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